Friday, December 10, 2010

relationship mess.

now all i can think about is you. why do you have to be so damn difficult?
you're so easy going, it's ridicilous, wow.

i get so effing frustrated with you and you're problems. what about me? i'm too generous to even think about myself and about what i need and why? because i want to make you a happy girl.

that's bullshit.

everytime i'm so ready to leave you, you convince me otherwise. every single time. i say to myself:"okay, i'm going to leave you today. today is the damn day" then i see and everything changes. you have this uncontrolable hold over me and i can't cut you loose.

pretty girls and their bagage shit. drives me insane. you're so damn incosiderate, but yet i crave that inconsideration just because it's you that i want. now i'm the one that is being ridicolous. if you had to read this you'd propably think that your girlfriend is a phsycho. truth is, i just like you a little too much.

back down a little.

life of a  gay teen, it's damn messy.

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