Thursday, January 13, 2011

go fuck yourself, lady.

wow, you should really go fuck yourself. not because you're a bad person just because i came to the point where i want you to do nothing more than just to go fuck yourself.

you really screwed me up girl. wow.

i faithfuly forever put you in my heart and i've come to the conclusion that it was the biggest mistake that i have ever made. yet i don't want to learn from it. i hope i meet a girl like you again someday so that i can tell to go fuck herself before i even lay a hand upon her. just so that she knows that i do not need her shit.

games, disgusting behaviour, wanting me to be your secret love affair, empty promises, treating me like shit after the break-up, being the best fucker i have ever encounterd, having the prettiest smile, the most beautiful face and being and absolute fuck about everything.

go get yourself a man because he's going to make it all beter, too bad he didn't and you hurt him just like you hurt me. you love girls once, you're going to love them forever. no guy could take away the pleasure i gave you, remember that you selfish fuck.

show me that you give a fuck then maybe i'll change my opinion about you, but since that is never going to happen i might aswell just leave it. God, we were the 'it' couple. i don't even care that we broke up just the way that you handled it all was so fucking wrong.

now i have nothing to say to you anymore. i hope you get the help that you need.

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