Friday, January 28, 2011

you catch me doing it all the time.

wow, you are.

i can't even think of a word to fit your description. you're so different than the other girls that i really have no idea what i want from you.

like a relationship sounds too much to ask for, but being your 'whatever' isn't good enough.

my mom calls me a 'hunter' meaning: i seek excitement from girls. no, i don't. i just want a girl that keeps me on my toes, gives me a rumble of feelings when i look at her smiles when she gets awkward and shy.

that's you, or atleast how i see you.

i don't know what you're doing with that boy, urgh. playing him perhaps? perhaps.

i want to be corny and cliche with you, get emotional and stuff. i don't want to want that, because girls fuck around. you fuck around. with that being said i have to contradict myself and say that i want you.

i want you.

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