Tuesday, October 26, 2010

there are so many things in life that we can learn from.
the things we see and most propably always do.
we just don't have the eye to see the lesson in everything we do, i urge you to look deeper.

look deeper within yourself and open your mind to the world. not to the things of the world, but to the world in whole.

be mezmirised by how the nature takes it's course through the living and the dead.

now we want to say there is no such thing as a God. okay, then go and be your own God. lets see how far you get.

strike one:
you've fallen, eager to get back up and prove everyone wrong.

strike two:
you've taken a blow to the ribs and you're mouth is bleeding frantically. you're sub-concious mind is praying out loud, but you refuse to hear it. "ignore the sounds and move on" you tell yourself.

strike three:
you're knees are leveled with grounds. you struggle to keep sight on those who are precious to you, you try and get up, but the mountains are pushing you down. you have reached your physical limit. your inner being is yet again shouting out in prayer, you try and refuse these callings and block your ears. nothing but soft murmers, that's all you hear. your hands disobey your orders and lifts to the heavens as you stand there with your arms leaping to the God of all Gods. you are unanounced the most difficult person you know, but He who gave you life gave you another chance.

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